Jobs and the Economy

Raising the minimum wage, restoring the freedom to form unions and bargain collectively, undertaking a massive effort to restore our roads, bridges and sewers, and building new infrastructure like high-speed broadband is the start to building a sustainable, robust economy.  We’ll create good jobs and a solid foundation for growth, attracting companies to put their roots here in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. Michigan workers from the 10th district built this state, from the factory floors of tool & die shops, to the shipping lanes, and of course the fields of crops in between. They deserve to see an economy that benefits them and their families.



All Americans should have access to healthcare they can afford.  We need to work in a bipartisan manner and look at both single payer healthcare and the universal healthcare programs that include protections for those with pre-existing conditions. I myself and my Wife both have preexisting conditions (my aortic heart valve is titanium and she is a cancer survivor) and we would have gone bankrupt three or four times over if we did not have good health insurance. Also important is taking real steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs. There must be more checks and balances on the pharmaceutical industry.


Public Education

We need to stop short-changing our kids. Let’s provide universal public education, starting with preschool and including excellent K-12 schools under local control with well-compensated and respected teachers. We should be guaranteeing our graduating high school seniors two years of community college at one of the accredited county centers, or filling the vast need in our technical trade areas.

The Environment

We have a moral obligation to protect and preserve our natural resources, starting with our Great Lakes and we have to protect our water — not just in the wilderness, but also in Flint and every other city. But we can’t stop there, by vastly reducing carbon pollution over the next few decades and ensuring that we make a full transition away from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy. We can gain jobs in sustainable technology, electric car manufacturing, and wind and solar energy production. Michigan can be at the center of this new energy economy.